At 86 proof, Lexington Bourbon combines the
highest quality select grains of rye, malted
barley and corn with purified water. The rye
provides the perfect level of spice, while the
malted barley allows the sweetness of the corn
to peak through, creating a sensational taste.
The resulting flavor boasts deep aromas of the aged oak with a hint of vanilla.

With a rating of 95 by Tasting Panel
Magazine, Lexington Bourbon is
guaranteed to make a serious impression on
your palate with every sip.

Please Drink Responsibly. Find out more at and 43% ALC/VOL.
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Passion. Quality. Tradition.

Inspired by one of horse racing's most successful thoroughbred
sires, Lexington offers an excellent bourbon drinking experience.
Patiently aging for years in Kentucky's finest charred white
oak barrels, Lexington Bourbon embodies the tradition and rich
history of whiskey making. This process
produces a high quality and consistent flavor.
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Rated 95 Points Out Of 100 Points By The Tasting Panel



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